Mapwerks Appliances is division of TerraPages that markets and sells Web Mapping Appliances with embedded TerraPages technology products under the Mapwerks brand. Mapwerks Appliances are hardware/software server bundles that conform to OGIS interface standards and can be plugged into a customers IP network and be used immediately by Web Mapping software client applications that are certified as OGC WMS compliant. Mapwerks Appliances vision is to provide maps and geoservices to any applications platform via OGC standards based web interfaces, anywhere in the customer's network.
Our revolutionary, best-of-breed, map management software and spatial data access products give location-based service providers the ability to easily integrate digital maps and traditional database content drawn from multiple sources for fast, accurate access by the end user. Mapwerks appliances provide Geospatial HTTP services for integration with e-business applications and various data sets from start to finish, achieving the desired spatial enabled application for successful and timely deployment at previously unattainable price points.

Mapwerks appliances have the flexibility to be connected to a variety of in-dash and handheld devices, as well as with traditional PC desktop computing platforms. Our appliances are highly scalable and can be configured online to deliver information in real-time. Delivery of information to the user is seamless.

Questions like these are common in the location-based service industry:
  • Where is the nearest?
  • How do I get there?
  • Where is my...?
  • Can you send help here-fast?
  • What are the current traffic conditions?
  • Can you suggest an alternate route?
  • Can I be notified if...?
Mapwerks Appliances are helping clients provide answers to these questions.

Whether you are in your car or using an Internet browser, PDA or cell phone, and your application is mapping, delivery, asset tracking, emergency assistance, finding your child OR all of these combined, Mapweks Appliances and associated embedded Web Map Services technology  lie at the heart of any location-based solution.